Eyetracking Lab

The Ludwig-Meyer-Institute is one of the few forensic psychiatric departments which uses eye-tracking in its research projects. The eye tracking lab is equipped with a  SMI RED Eyetracker, which allows the recording of eye movements with high spatial and temporal resolution. In particular, the ability of the system to detect and correct head movements in real time is very comfortable for subjects as no fixation of the head is necessary.?Based on eye movements, it is possible to gain insights into the precise allocation of attention while viewing visual stimuli.?These eye movements can basically be divided into fixations and saccades. Fixations are defined by phases in which the eye is in relative calm, making information processing possible. Saccades are very fast eye movements, which do not allow information processing.?The study of eye movements is used in basic scientific research on attentional processes in forensic-related disorders as well as for the development of new methods for diagnosis and prognosis.