Final Theses

What we offer:

 In the context of a promotion, master's or bachelor's thesis, the Ludwig-Meyer-Institute offers independent working on a topic relating to current research projects of the department in the context of a promotion, master's or bachelor's thesis. Within this framework, it is also possible to work on own ideas and questions. Since the theses are embedded in our research, you can anticipate – depending on the thesis – between three months (bachelor's thesis) and two years (medical promotion) of work. Moreover, we offer graduates of psychology or related disciplines – depending on the availability of financing options – the possibility to graduate in selected topics of forensic psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy.

We are keen on guaranteeing a qualitative and high-grade supervision. Therefore, the number of possible theses on our institute is limited.


What we expect:

We expect an honest interest in forensic psychiatry and as well a high engagement to take part in current research plus the effort to become acquainted with scientific topics. Own ideas are welcome!

A regularly and active participation in our colloquium “Forensische Psychiatrie, Psychologie und Psychotherapie” is compulsive.



If you are interested in a promotion, bachelor's or master's thesis at our institute, please contact the project leader of the particular research project.