Seminar for further education in forensic psychiatry (Tutzing)

The 30th seminar for further education forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy will take place from the 1st until the 6th of May 2016 in the evangelic academy Tutzing.

The seminar for further education relating to expert assessments for forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy regularly takes place in the week of the 1st of May in the evangelic academy Tutzing. It continues the seminar of Niederpöcking founded by Prof. Nedopil and Prof. Dittmann for penal expert assessments. The seminar trains psychiatrists and psychologists to prepare and provide an expert assessment trough lectures as well as term papers and role plays.

The executive board of the interdisciplinary working group for forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy e.V. takes responsibility for this event.


Executive board of this working group are:

Herr Dr. Wolf

(Presidential judge of the provincial court Marburg)

Frau Prof. Nowara

Frau Dr. Saimeh

(Medical director in Eickelborn)

Herr Prof. Dr. Müller

(UMG Göttingen and director of the Asklepios clinic for forensic psychiatry Göttingen)